International Power Traders is now IMP Latin America

International Power Traders is now IMP Latin America. It is consolidating its activities under its parent company Industrial Motor Power Corporation.

IMP Latin America will continue its professional interaction with customers as IPT had done previously. Its operations will remain in Miami, Florida and it will continue to buy, sell and rent power generation equipment to and from the Latin American market.

However, this consolidation under the IMP brand will allow the division increased access to the global marketplace and streamline its capability to provide equipment to the global market to and from Latin America.



Employing a staff of expert buyers, IPT leverages its strategic model and market capitalization to find and secure the best available equipment on the market.

This continuing approach allows IPT to maintain its presence as the power industry’s premier used equipment provider with a robust and dynamic inventory of products. It also insures IPT maintains a discerning awareness about available inventory on the market and its appropriate present value.

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