International Power Traders is now IMP Latin America

International Power Traders is now IMP Latin America. It is consolidating its activities under its parent company Industrial Motor Power Corporation.

IMP Latin America will continue its professional interaction with customers as IPT had done previously. Its operations will remain in Miami, Florida and it will continue to buy, sell and rent power generation equipment to and from the Latin American market.

However, this consolidation under the IMP brand will allow the division increased access to the global marketplace and streamline its capability to provide equipment to the global market to and from Latin America.


Detroit Diesel

MTU Detroit Diesel, and its line of diesel engines, is now known as Tognum America, a wholly owned subsidiary of Germany’s Tognum AG. Formerly GM Diesel, and later Detroit Diesel, the company made compact, lightweight, 2-Cycle engines for power generation, industrial and defense applications.

In expanding their off-road business, Detroit Diesel and MTU formed a partnership in 1994 to develop heavy-duty diesel engines. In 2000, MTU and Detroit Diesel combined their off-highway operations into a single, global organization, Tognum America, which is responsible for the sales and service of engines and systems in North and Latin America.

MTU Detroit Diesel's expansive product list includes the 6R1600G, 8V1600G, 10V1600G, 12V1600G, 12V2000G, 16V2000G, 18V2000G, 12V4000G, 16V4000G, 20V4000G, and DS0300D series of products.

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