International Power Traders is now IMP Latin America

International Power Traders is now IMP Latin America. It is consolidating its activities under its parent company Industrial Motor Power Corporation.

IMP Latin America will continue its professional interaction with customers as IPT had done previously. Its operations will remain in Miami, Florida and it will continue to buy, sell and rent power generation equipment to and from the Latin American market.

However, this consolidation under the IMP brand will allow the division increased access to the global marketplace and streamline its capability to provide equipment to the global market to and from Latin America.


IPT offers its customers multiple types of generators, engines, turbines, power plants and accessories from Caterpillar’s extensive line of power generation equipment. The diversity of CAT products available to IPT affords customers their choice of numerous models, ensuring they can select an option specific to their application, environment and local need. Well positioned within both the secondary and rental markets also affords IPT access to CAT inventory that allows us to supply the wide ranging power requests of customers for their varying power needs in a timely manner.


Caterpillar offers power generator sets and power modules in multiple fuel sources, varying kilowatt outputs, and different shapes and models to accommodate the varying power needs of its clientele. IPT offers the models listed below in its owned inventory and through its network of suppliers. This proprietary network allows IPT to find equipment outside of its own inventory to service specific needs that may not currently be addressed in its inventory.

CAT Diesel Generator Sets

Caterpillar offers diesel generators powered by CAT engines. Designed for use in the worldwide marketplace, CAT's diesel gen sets are compliant with most country's environmental requirements. Offered in ratings from 13 kW up to 17,460 kW under the Caterpillar name, and from 9 kW to 750 kW under CAT's Olympian brand, these generator sets provide users with a reliable product with solid transient response and steady state performance.

Caterpillar C15 Gen Set
Caterpillar C15 Gen Set
CAT C4 CAT C32 CAT 3516 CAT XQ60 CAT XQ230 CAT XQ1000
CAT C6 CAT C175 CAT PM1000 CAT XQ80 CAT XQ300 CAT XQ1250
CAT C9 CAT C3406C CAT PM1250 CAT XQ100 CAT XQ350 CAT XQ1400
CAT C15 CAT C3512 CAT XQ20 CAT XQ125 CAT XQ400 CAT XQ1500
CAT C18 CAT C3512B CAT XQ30 CAT XQ175 CAT XQ500 CAT XQ1750
CAT C27 CAT C3512C CAT XQ45 CAT XQ200 CAT XQ800 CAT XQ2000

CAT Gas Generator Sets

Caterpillar's gas generator sets offer customers a gen set, powered by a caterpillar engine that is able to burn multiple fuel types including landfill gas, bio-gas, pipeline natural gas and field gas. Offered in ratings from 65 kW to 6,520 kW, CAT's gas generators are designed for maximum fuel efficiency and are compliant with most emission standards.

CAT CG132 CAT G3306 CAT G3412C CAT G3516B CAT G3520C CAT G3616 Caterpillar G3520
Caterpillar G3520
CAT CG170 CAT G3306NA CAT G3508 CAT G3516C CAT G3520E CAT XQ1250G
CAT CG206-12 CAT G3406 CAT G3512 CAT G3520 CAT G3608 CAT XQ1475G
CAT CG206-16 CAT G3406TA CAT G3516 CAT G3520B CAT G3612 CAT XQ5200


IPT offers Caterpillar engines to its clientele for use in the primary vertical markets of Marine, Mining, Oil & Gas, and Stand-By Power industries as well as in other industries with specific applications for Prime, Continuous and Back-up Power.

CAT Diesel Engines

Caterpillar diesel engines utilize CAT's proprietary ACERT (Advanced Combustion Emissions Reduction Technology) emissions technology to provide engines with ratings from 10 hp to 6,600 hp. A principal market supplier, Caterpillar's diesel engines power boats, construction machinery, mining equipment, power generator sets, ships, trucks, and other primary and standby applications.

Caterpillar C15 Engine
Caterpillar C15 Engine
CAT C4 CAT C11 CAT C32 CAT 3512 CAT 3606
CAT C6 CAT C13 CAT C175-16 CAT 3512B CAT 3608
CAT C7 CAT C18 CAT C175-20 CAT 3512C CAT 3612
CAT C9 CAT C27 CAT C3406C CAT 3516 CAT 3616

CAT Gas Engines

The fleet of CAT Gas Engines available from IPT includes Industrial/OEM products designed specifically for use in Marine, Mining, Oil & Gas, and Power Generation applications. The fuels available for use in CAT's gas engines include natural gas, field gas, propane, landfill gas and digester gas, with ratings from 55 hp to 4,700 hp.

CAT CG132 CAT G3306 CAT G3412C CAT G3516B CAT G3606 Caterpillar G3306TA Engine
Caterpillar G3306TA Engine
CAT CG170 CAT G3306NA CAT G3508 CAT G3516C CAT G3608
CAT G12CM34 CAT G3406 CAT G3512 CAT G3520C CAT G3612
CAT G16CM34 CAT G3406TA CAT G3516 CAT G3520E CAT G3616

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